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22nd May 2019

Penrith BID A.G.M.

Entry: Levy Payers and Invited Guests
Location: Foundry 34
Categories: Promotion

Wednesday 22 May 2019 at 5:30pm at Foundry 34, Sandgate, Penrith

The Board of Directors would like to invite all businesses in the BID area to the first Annual General Meeting of this term of the Penrith Business Improvement District (BID).  The AGM will include a review of milestones & achievements secured in the first year of the current BID term which runs until 2023.

Come along to hear about the activity of the BID and to ask questions of the BID team and the Board Members who oversee what happens. We will present on progress over the first year and what is planned for the future, with time for Q&A.

In line with our constitution, all directors will retire from their posts and there will be a ballot on the night to reappoint directors to each post.

Invitations are limited to BID Levy payers and invited guests, so book now by email at [email protected] Please include the following details:

  • Full name
  • Business name and location
  • Position

Date:             Wednesday 22 May 2019 
Time:            5.30pm – 7:00pm
Where:          Foundry 34, 34 Burrowgate, Sandgate, Penrith


5.30pm            Networking and refreshments

5.45pm            Election of BID Board Members
6.15pm            Presentation – BID’s work over the past twelve months and future plans
6.30pm            Statutory approval of the Company Audited Accounts for 2018/19
6.35pm            Q&A
7.00pm            Close

Penrith BID Directors

According to the Penrith BID Articles of Association, the board must be made up of Directors representing different business sectors. Details are specified below:

Sector No. of Posts Directors 2018-2019
Small Retail 3 ·     Stephen Clarke (Vice Chair) – eciggy

·     Jamie Redman – Wrights Coffee and Ice Cream and Mr Sims

·     David Whipp – Starfruits

Large Retail 2 ·     Darren Broad (Chair) – Argos.


Professional / Financial 2 ·     Heidi Marshall (Treasurer) – Dodd Accountants


Hospitality, Food and Drink 2 ·     Dan Harding – Foundry 34 and Angel Lane Chippie

·     Tim Lorton – Tattie Tim’s (World Famous) Jacket Potatoes RETIRING and will not be standing for re-appointment

Charity 1 ·     Jacqui Taylor – 4Eden RETIRING and will not be standing for re-appointment

·     Charlie Shepherd – Rotary

Other 1 ·     Simon Whalley (Vice Chair) – Eden Valley Artistic Network (Creative CIC)
Local Authority 1 ·     VACANT POST

Carol Grey (Penrith Town Council) attends meetings in a non-voting advisory capacity.

In accordance with our Articles of Association, at the annual general meeting all directors will retire (minimum requirement is for one third of the Directors to retire).  They are eligible for re-appointment without requirement for nomination.

You will see above two directors are retiring from their posts and will not be putting their name forward for re-election.

  Nominations to become a Director

All levy payers and members are eligible to nominate anyone to stand either against the incumbent, or for the vacant posts shown above.  All nominations to become a Director must be from persons who have an interest in or represent a member organisation and they must sign the nomination form to indicate their willingness to become a Director.

Nomination forms are downloaded from the website: Nomination Form to Become BID Director

Nominations should be emailed to Philippa Ball (BID Manager) at [email protected].  The closing date for nominations is Tuesday 14th May 2019.  We will then verify that all nominations received are nominations made by eligible members.

On the night of the AGM the first order of business will be a ballot to elect the new members of the board.  The ballot papers will set out the categories of Directors’ posts to be filled and the list of candidates’ names against those categories.  The outcome of the ballot will be announced during the meeting, once the votes have been counted.

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