Penrith: The place for Business

Whether you're already in business in Penrith or are thinking of locating here, the town has many competitive advantages to help you succeed.

Our location on the M6 corridor through the north west of England to Scotland could hardly be better, with the town centre just a few minutes' drive from the M6. Penrith boasts a mainline train station in the heart of town, and major cities like Glasgow, Carlisle, Newcastle, Leeds, Preston, Manchester and Liverpool and beyond are all within easy reach, whether by road or rail. With premises from business parks to boutique shops to choose from, there's likely to be a location to suit your company's needs.

We've a long-standing spirit of entrepreneurship in Penrith. Our wider Eden District has almost double the national rate of self-employment, and a higher rate of economic activity than the national average. The skills profile of our workforce is similar to the UK average, providing a strong pool of talent for employers to draw from.

There's a range of support available for businesses starting up in Penrith, through our local authorities and business associations. The town's professional community has a strong commitment to business development, joining together to form Penrith Business Improvement District in April 2013, to create the best possible trading conditions for the area. We've a healthy tradition of business networking and mutual support, through associations like our Chamber of Trade and Commerce and Penrith Rural Women in Business Network.

We have a wealth of Service Providers in Penrith including many business services to support you and your company.